About US

The Herança of Alentejo is a brand created by ELIPEC - Grouping of livestock producers of the Alentejo.

Our producers breed their animals extensively, following strict controls and rules on the preservation of the environment, animal welfare and food safety without resorting to any type of intensive production mode that doesn’t respect the natural cycle of animal production .

Our technical services accompany the entire process from the outset and our meat is independently certified.

We control the entire slaughtering and packaging process so that our meat can be consumed by itself in complete safety.

Contact us, come to know our explorations and the way our animals live and are breed.

Where to buy

The Herança of Alentejo products from are on sale at Continente, Intermarché and Auchan stores.

Our mission is to clarify and assure to consumers the origin and quality of the meat they consume.